Design Service

Your kitchen is the most valuable room in your home - having it professionally designed is the first, and most important, step in achieving your ultimate kitchen.  The goal at Kling Cabinets is to design your kitchen to be practical, efficient as well as beautiful.  The design process starts with a free consultaion. *  

Preliminary plans will be drawn from measurements taken at your home or from the plans you provide as well as information such as.......

  • Height of the primary cook?
  • Is the primary cook right or left handed?
  • What is your cooking style? - gourmet, baking enthusiast, etc.?

The plans will be adjusted to your specific needs;   You will receive a floor plan, bird’s eye view, elevations and 3D renderings.   (See below for details.)

Remodeling and Home Design

*Design service: The initial design consultation is free. 
After the initial consultation, the design fee is $150.00*, which covers one kitchen with two revisions. (An additional $10.00 per square foot will be charged for kitchens over 150 square feet.)  There will be a charge for additional revisions based on their complexity. You will receive a floor plan, elevations, cabinet measurements, birds-eye view and 3D views. We will visit the site and take measurements in Curry County, Oregon or Del Norte County, California. Online clients will receive an email or fax with instructions for taking accurate measurements. Payments may be made through PayPal or personal check.
*We will deduct the design fee from the price when you purchase our cabinets.


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